Our Favorite Custom Home Designs

Construction And Customer Service Is Our Focus, But Design Is Fun, Too!

North Market Construction focuses first on customer service. The process of building a custom home is a comprehensive one, and it’s important to trust and enjoy working with a home builder.

Next is quality, because that’s the other constant throughout the process and beyond. Custom home builders in Maryland get caught up in trying to build the most homes possible. North Market Construction is a unique custom home builder, a small-batch custom home builder that wants to construct homes with the utmost quality.

And finally, we love design!

Design is an important element of your custom home. It’s broken down into two main aspects. The design of the floor plan is the first element. This requires careful consideration and planning.  The next is aesthetic design. This means the finish-level item, from cabinet and appliance selection to final furnishings.

While we complete our work before the furnishings move into your home, we bring your custom home to the 1-yard line with your exact design. It’s up to you to bring it over the goal line with the finishing touches.

Floor Plan Design Trends

I often caution against the term “trend,” but I also note that it’s foolish for a custom home builder to completely ignore trends.  

The Modern Farmhouse

To understand the popularity of this architectural style, look at how much America loves home renovation shows. The impact of Chip and Joanna Gaines and their farmhouse design resonates through American consumers, custom home builders in Maryland, and across the country.  

Social Kitchens

Open floor plans are the standard, but custom home builders now combine the formal dining room with the breakfast nook. While a luxury plan still includes a set-apart dining room, mid-size plans include only one dedicated eating space: An enlarged breakfast nook next to the kitchen.

In-Law Suites

Custom home builders notice the trending plans that reveal a growing movement toward flexibility. A layout that works for a variety of living arrangements means that it appeals to more of the population. That’s important as a growing number of homes expand beyond the typical nuclear family. What does this mean for you?

Move over! Mom and Dad are coming to stay! If your custom home needs to be flexible and accommodate guests, incorporate that early into the design.  

Innovative Storage

Storage is more than a walk-in closet (though you’ll find plenty of them in secondary bedrooms and master suites). Greater emphasis is on the thoughtful placement of such features, and your custom home shouldn’t be different.

Stylistic Design Trends

Once you designed the perfect floor plan, this is where you get to polish your custom home and have fun. Business Insider lists some trends here, including the following:

  • More color in the kitchen
  • Rich colors throughout the home
  • No white or stainless steel sinks
  • Floral prints
  • Vintage lighting
  • Bucket seats

I agree with many, but not all! How many of these would you like to see in custom homebuilding trends or allow your custom home builder to put in your home? Reach out to talk to us about how we bring your favorite design trends into your brand-new custom home.