Our Custom Home Building Process

What To Expect Before, During, And After With North Market Construction

Building a custom home is one of the most rewarding things you’ll do in your life. You create something that you’ll use every single day, exactly the way you want. It’s fun to dream about what the home will look like, feel like, and live like. Though nothing is sweeter than when those dreams become a reality.

By selecting a great custom home builder in Maryland, like North Market Construction, the process of bringing your dreams to life will be a smooth one.  

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If you’ve done your research and are ready to build your custom home, you need to select a custom home builder. If North Market Construction is fortunate enough to call you a valued and respected client, here’s what to expect.


Building a custom home is a marathon, not a sprint. A good custom home builder never pushes you to make a decision because of a “limited time offer” or pricing incentive. We don’t fast-track a contract because of lot availability changes. The principals of North Market Construction came from a background in production building, and you’ll never hear us say this industry-favorite slogan: “The home you saw today and thought about buying tomorrow was the same home someone else saw yesterday and plans to buy today”.  

With a custom home, your home is always be waiting for you! The only limit is your imagination (and a reasonable budget).  You need to pluck it from your brain, make the decision, and work with North Market Construction to bring it to life.

The first step of the process is all about planning. You work with your builder to establish your partners: a real estate agent (if you need to sell your home or find a buildable lot), loan officer, and architect. We have a depth of resources to choose from, or we’ll work with your existing relationships.

When you design your home and pick the lot, we make sure we capitalize on views, enhance privacy, or whatever your goals are. The process before permits or shovels for your custom home is anywhere from one to five or six months. Check out our blog on How To Start The Process Of Custom Homebuilding.


This is where the rubber meets the road. Final blueprints are ordered. Permits are in hand. The draw schedule with the bank is established.

First, North Market Construction sets a reasonable expectation of timing for your new custom home.  It’ll likely be between six to ten months based on size and complexity of the build, site conditions, and more. This is the first step in communication, an important philosophy in the way we do custom home building. We want to set a reasonable expectation and live up to that goal. One thing that you will hear from us (if you haven’t heard it a dozen times beforehand) is that we don’t rush for the sake of speed and sacrifice quality. This requires more commitment from your custom home builder and yourselves, but the end result stands the test of time.   

We welcome you to visit your home during construction. We answer your questions about the process and reasoning behind our building methods. We love to hear your ideas along the way to build a better functioning home. This is the FUN part! We want you involved, inquisitive, and EXCITED!


“Home’s done… so long.”

That may be the case with other builders but not North Market Construction. I recall as I’m writing, many late-night responses to homeowner inquiries, years after a home’s delivery. From a simple “Who was the manufacturer of this product” or “Do you have any recommendations for…” to warranty questions.

If we delivered on the promised quality, and the custom home building techniques stand the test of time, you won’t need us to fix problems. If you do, we’re a phone call, email, or text away from finding a solution.

As you’re weighing your selections for a custom home builder in Maryland, we’d love to start with a get-to-know-you chat. We want to hear about your goals, and we’re hopeful that you want to hear how we can bring those goals into reality. Please don’t hesitate to reach out today!