How To Determine The Right Square Footage For Your Custom Home

Should You “Go Big Or Go Home” Or Keep It “Cute And Cozy”?

When does “bigger is better” become too over-the-top? Does “cute and cozy” mean “just right” or “cramped and crammed”?  Well, certain aspects of custom home building are more art than science and finding the perfect-sized custom home is one of those aspects.   

Size Does Matter

It really does matter. You have to determine what’s right for you and your family. What are your goals? How do you want to live in your home? Do you want to impress with the palatial mansion of your dreams, or do you want to bring your family together with reduced common areas?  Do you want your custom home to result in a shared space for everyone or a personal corner for each person?

Before you determine the right square footage of your custom home, think about how you want to live in your home. What are your goals? Start inside and work your way out.

Design It, And The Rest Will Come

The Kitchen. This is the hub of most custom homes. Ask yourself about how you live in your home. Draw from how you currently live or your vision for how you plan to use your Maryland custom home in the future.

For example, do you like entertaining? Do you want a large island to gather around? Do you want to frame a unique walkthrough?  Is the island smaller but suitable for morning breakfast?

If you entertain a lot, is extra cabinet space required? What about a second dishwasher to make the late-night cleaning easier? Did you think about a second sink in the island? This may be all too grand, and a cozy kitchen suits your two-person household.

Work with your custom home builder, like North Market Construction, to design the best layout for you.

First Floor. Is the family room open and off the kitchen, or do you want separation? Should the family room be a large gathering place? Do you plan to relax by the fire and television, or is it more formal? Do you want to reserve lounging for the basement? Is a living room something that you need upon entry? What about a home office? Breakfast nook? Solarium? Bump outs?

Second Floor. Bedrooms are the topic of consideration. First, how many bedrooms do you need? Does that account for a guest bedroom, if you have the need? What about future family growth? Will your custom home fit a future bundle of joy?

Bedroom size is important. Make sure you have enough space to move around your furniture and enough closets to fit your vintage T-shirt collection. Don’t ask for too much space that a cavernous effect occurs.

Do you want a laundry room upstairs? What about the ever-important bathroom count? Does every bedroom deserve a bathroom? Will a Jack-and-Jill bath work? What about a hall bath?

Basement. How much space do you need in the basement? If you’re using it for storage, not that much. Your custom home builder sets a foundation around the needs of the main living areas to avoid unnecessary space. If you know that you want everything downstairs, it requires a larger footprint. Do you want a rec room, movie theatre, wine cellar, gym, guest bedroom, bathroom, or creative space? Does your basement need a separate entrance?

We can’t tell you exactly how to determine the right square footage for your home. It could be from 2,500 to 10,000 square feet. This blog is more about questions than answers.

Yet, a great custom home builder in Maryland helps you design the perfect-sized home after you find answers to the above questions. North Market Construction is a creative and skilled custom home builder in Maryland with decades of experience. We’d love to hear from you, so please reach out today.